3 Tips to Finding The Perfect
General Contractor in San Francisco

Tips to Find General Contractor in San Francisco

With home remodel being such a big decision, you want to make sure it's done right. You want to avoid the handyman and find the general contractor who KNOWS how to get projects done on time AND produce top notch results. Today, I'm going to give you three top tips on how to pick a perfect contractor.

Let’s get straight into it!

Number one
Professionalism Make sure they're professional. Make sure they know what they're doing. They have massive amounts of experience and a proven track record of successful projects completed with happy customers. A trailing 20, 30, 40 projects you can take a look at from start to finish. Do they have a crew for construction? Do they have a crew for demolition and haul out? Do they have an architecture? Do they have an interior design person? Do they have the structural engineer guy? They need everything in-house so that nothing goes unscathed during your remodel. They also should be able to give you past customers you can contact as well or even video testimonials, you want a behind the scenes peak at what construction projects they are delivering to their customers.

Number two
Diamond Certified Choosing a company that is Diamond certified. Now, if you're unfamiliar with Diamond certifications, it's a third party that verifies the contractor's license, their insurance and reviews. That's right, reviews. 65% of reviews online are fake. They're picking up the phone, calling previous customers, and making sure the feedback is what they say on the website. This strenuous certification is voluntary for reach general contractor, so the fact that they would put themselves through this process and be evaluated with a fine tooth comb, shows a lot about a company and the willingness to overcommit to their clients by showing what they’re willing to do BEFORE they even start a project with you.

Number three
Service Service, service and more service! You want to make sure you're treated with white glove service all throughout the whole process, from the time the contractor sits down in front of you, all the way to the final walkthrough. The way you gauge this, is on the free consultation when the contractor walks your home and accesses the project and talks about your options. If you’re not getting strong communication and feeling like you’re not getting great service from a simple sit down, there’s no need to even go any further. You want to make sure they actually can communicate, understand your vision. Because if they can't understand what you see in your head or what you're trying to accomplish, the whole remodel is going to suffer. Lines of communication will be lacking leaving you feeling uneasy about the process, work will be left done for days on end without any action, request for more money will come because the person or company is not systemized, and it will be an overall horrible experience. You want to make sure they have a big enough crew. I touched on it earlier, in-house team. Can they move with speed so that the remodel doesn't suffer. Can they handle construction at the highest level and work out any problems, because when you remodel, things tend to go wrong with little hiccups.

These are my three tips, finding the perfect general contractor for you. If you’re in the market for a remodel, go ahead and book a free consultation, where we give you a free 3D Mockup of what your project could look like, give you a free quote, and hopefully earn your business.

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