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The beauty of Walnut Creek architecture should be on full display as a homeowner. From the curb appeal, to the entrance, to the interior, the feng shui and layout, your outdoor oasis, it all speaks to who you are and represents your character. Full home remodels, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, home additions, you name it we can do it. A whole team in-house dedicated to you from the engineering to the designing planning and execution of your construction project. Edri Construction is the epitome of a high level general contractor. That sounds like bragging but the truth is, we are very proud of the clients that we are able to service and continue to service, and the new clients we bring on board. We remodel homes with the highest standards in service and expect you to hold us to the same high standards.

Any home is a dream home
with the right construction

Do it right, don’t do it twice! Count on us to remodel the whole home top to bottom exactly how you envisioned it.

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Sit down with one of our reps to really communicate your design you envision – this is where you can visualize with a 3-D mockup of how your home could potentially look after we put our final touch on it

Receive a detailed quote with everything you need to know to make a sound decision. Itemized costs, project timeline, hard deadlines with our guarantee, and all terms labeled out, transparent and easy to read.

We do what other companies can’t do, know
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Curb Appeal & Outdoor Spaces

Your outdoor space is the welcoming face of your property. Drive up to your property with the aesthetics and the layout that brings you joy and a great sense of pride every time you look at it. Landscape architecture is one of our premier services at our Walnut Creek location. What does that mean? Hardscaping, concrete and masonry, sod or artificial turf installation, exterior lighting, home exterior resurfacing, Front porch or backyard decks, outdoor kitchens, fencing, inground swimming pool installation and so much more. A livable space to your home by making your outdoors function like your indoors.

Home Remodeling

We love a full home remodel project. This is our bread and butter of construction service because we do it all, from interior to exterior, engineering, designing, permitting and construction. This typically involves construction will be stripped the home to the studs and rebuild like new. Home remodeling can vary by sizes that means we can strip the bathroom to start my keeping the rest of the house clean, or we can cut the whole house at one time to change the layout and upgrade all fixtures from plumbing to electrical and insulation.

We have a lot of connections with a lot of manufacturers and we can get the best product with great deals that
benefit you as our client.

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Kitchen remodel

The kitchen is the heartbeat of a home, it’s where the memories are made, laughter shared and family comes closer. Well make sure your kitchen remodel is a place where you and your family are going to enjoy and congregate in every day.

We understand that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home and we want to deliver what you and your family deserve. Our body of work include kitchen designing, demolition, subflooring, electrical, plumbing, flooring, kitchen cabinet insulation, sheet rocking, baseboard and crown molding, recessed lighting and anything in between to add the right flair to your kitchen space.

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Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is your indoor oasis. This is one of the most used rooms in your home and it should be a space you absolutely are in love with. The design and execution are very important here because the bathroom should have a certain “feel” welcoming you to refresh and relax. Take advantage of our free 3D mockup service so you can see firsthand how your bathroom remodel can look like, then watch us exceed your expectation.

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Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens can be a great way to utilize space that’s not on your radar. From hosting parties to unwinding on the weekend your outdoor kitchen should make it easy to host and enjoy for yourself and your family.

Your home idea –
made real

Your home idea – made real

Edri Construction is dedicated to bringing the best out of your property. As a result, our team comprises structural engineers, designers, and a renovation crew. All of which share the vision of servicing at the highest level giving you a home that makes you happy and can be proud of. We have every team member involved in a construction project under one roof. We handle your construction project from start to finish – no outsourcing. It all starts with a clear line of communication where we really understand the vision, you’re trying to accomplish in your construction project. This is the most important part because it sets up the rest of the project. Without knowing what you want we cannot deliver what you expect, so our team is remarkable and asking the right questions to get your idea onto paper. We then begin the design process where we can take vision you have and put it into our highly visual proprietary software to give you a full real life look at your ideas in a tangible form. From there the permits, demolition and construction to finish.

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pursuit to perfection

Edris Construction is your go-to company for any building, design, and remodeling services across the Northern California, our Walnut Creek office is waiting for your call! Apart from working with a team of qualified contractors, we have more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry delivering satisfactory. Do the right thing when it comes to your home and upgrade your real estate. Protect your assets and increase the equity at the same time, call us today.

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