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Adding new construction to your San Francisco home takes a sharp mind and a seasoned skill set. A homeowner must not only protect what’s important but ensure this is done to perfection the first time around. Edri construction has over 20+ years of experience in construction but more importantly, we know what it takes to get the job done with quality craftsmanship and above all, service our customers.

We lean on our expertise as well as new technology and trending designs to deliver our projects on time with exceptional results. Our team makes communicating the vision easy with visuals making the onboarding process extremely simple for you to get started.

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Premiere Contractor
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Edri Construction is the only general contractor and structural engineer you need to call in San Francisco. Handling any engineering, permitting, designing, drawing, or structural upgrades. Our exceptional and affordable services are available in any part of San Francisco. They include;

Home Renovation in SF Bay Area

Home Remodeling

You give us your idea, and we bring it into reality. A proper home remodel can open up so much space that you are not utilizing. We come in and optimize your layout to maximize your space giving an added square footage feeling and a cozier feel

Outdoor Renovation

Extending the house (backyard expansion or front yard expansion)

If you’re fortunate enough to have a home with a bigger backyard space, extending your house through the backyard is very ideal for adding square footage or getting more out of your home. Believe it or not, this is a fairly simple process compared to remodeling a home that you live in, your life is uninterrupted at the core while we work the back section of the home.

san francisco home remodel addition

Adding another story to you home

Adding a story to a home in San Francisco takes a lot of planning permitting and execution, and you construction has been handling this for decades. This is probably one of the most beneficial ways of adding square footage to homesteader typically on narrow parcels.

adu garage san francisco

ADU & Garage

Remodeling your garage space to add an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is the best transformation you can ever have in your space. We completely transform the space to make it livable while adding square footage to your home. As a bonus, adding square footage to a home in a market like San Francisco is the closes thing you can get to printing money in the form of equity.

Your New Found Space

Modern day living is very hectic and with growing families, growing careers, and the busy day to day. Adding space your home can really open up some options to create much needed freedom from the typical San Francisco home. Whether you're looking to add an extra room for your baby's play area , family game room, home gym, office, home theater or just some extra guest bedrooms. adding to your home will most definitely be a liberating experience.


The most luxurious homes we see have one thing in common—space! Yes, spacious homes look elegant, even in magazines. You don’t need to buy a new one; WE can build your dream home! Change your living space and add precious space to your home.


A home addition or adding square footage is a clever way of increasing its value and space. San Francisco homes are notorious for being little “piggy banks” for the equity raising with every dynamic market cycle every 7-10 years. Whether you want to sell, refinance your loan, or use an equity line of credit, adding square footage put you in a great place to pull major liquidity from your San Francisco home. It is an absolute MUST to consider the market demand and engage a general contractor (not a realtor) with a structural engineer team to help you bring out the best of current construction designs to maximize your dollar.

Increases your

Adding your home square footage is an excellent way to earn extra income if your current sources don't suffice. Adding an extra 1,200 square feet and maximizing it for rent use can garner you above market rents. A lot of know-how is needed to pull this off properly to satisfy city demands, so make sure to give Edri Construction a call first.

Soft Story Retrofitting
in San Francisco

san francisco home remodel

While many homeowners are keen on adding more space to their homes, they may not be aware of the dangers facing them in case of an earthquake. At Edri constructions, we offer soft story retrofitting to ensure that your new square footage is well reinforced to withstand the forces.

Our engineers assess your existing structure and design proper reinforcement for your safety. We can use additional concrete columns, steel columns, or shear walls to reinforce your house. We also reinforce the main house without adding extra spaces whenever you suspect a weak point in the building.

San Francisco has made it mandatory for older homes to be retrofitted and brought up to code in case of a major earthquake. Our team has everything in-house to handle all the engineering all the designing and all the construction under one roof. In construction speed matters, and by us having a whole team in house as well as a big network with the city officials, not only will your home be safe and up to code, it will also look beautiful!

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A spacious home host happy tenants, looks amazing, and feels luxurious. To attain this without moving out of your current house, consult Edri Construction to bring the magic. All in house employees ready to take your ideas and walk with you in realizing your specific vision. We handle your design, structural engineering, construction, and permitting without adding time or inefficiency.

Construction is one of those things where you don’t want to roll the dice, don’t treat your home like Las Vegas because a lot can go wrong if you put your faith in the wrong team. Trust the team that has seen it all, and done it all in over 20+ years of service at the highest level. Call Edri construction and have peace of mind.

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