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Why seismic retrofit

It’s no secret San Francisco is notorious for earthquakes. in fact, roughly 90% of all earthquakes occur along “the ring of fire”, an area which stretches across the whole West Coast. We are also on the San Andreas Fault, the biggest fault on the planet, making seismic threat extremely high. If a big one hits you want to make sure your home is not sliding off the foundation. Let’s face it, earthquake insurance cost in California is through the roof and if you DO have it, your insurance is going to do everything they can NOT TO PAY if a big one hits. If your home falls or slides off the foundation and you need to rebuild, you’re still strapped to the mortgage on a home AND you’ll need to get your home rebuilt. Edri Construction keeps your home safely grounded

Mandatory retrofit mandate by San Francisco

San Francisco city officials are making it mandatory to seismic retrofit buildings in San Francisco. Making it mandatory for certain buildings speaks volumes to what is really safe and it makes sense for single family home owners to listen as well. The permits are even faster and over the counter making a speedy process.

Edri construction has dealt with many seismic construction projects and has strengthened countless home with stronger foundation, stronger support walls and point loads.


With all the mandates we have a seismic retrofit offer that includes seismic retrofitting, home remodeling
and layout maximizing to give you a brand new house that’s safer and prepped for a big earthquake.

Often times we find we can ADD 12-1300 square feet!
Maximize your house and call us today!

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