structural engineering, soft story, and seismic retrofitting for San Francisco

San Francisco created the Mandatory Soft-Story Program to ensure buildings in the area are earthquake-resistant as well as up to code. Most homes built between 1880 and 1955 will need specific structural upgrades. Trust the team with 20+ years’ experience in structural engineering, permitting, designing and construction. That’s right, we are a one-stop-shop to execute EVERYTHING, adding speed to our already high level of service.

Unlike our competitors who often partner with other companies to execute what we can with our own team, we offer all kinds of services for property owners in San Francisco.

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Structural engineering can be in demand for many things involving real estate, what can we do for you?

Structural Engineering

Edri Construction can be described as a force that offers all the bells & whistles plus the basics that San Francisco residents are looking for. Some of these are commercial structural engineering, architectural design, permit expediting, and soft story retrofit. The company also constructs accessory dwelling units (ADUS).

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Accessory Dwelling Units ADUs

Accessory Dwelling Units ADUs

The recent passage of Ordinance 162-16 has made it easier to add in-law apartments or secondary units to existing residential buildings in San Francisco. This is a welcomed move, given how competitive the housing markets in San Francisco are. The ordinance waives certain Planning Department restrictions by allowing the addition of extra dwelling units within the existing building.

This structural design includes, but is not limited to, room additions and second-story additions. According to San Francisco’s Department of Building Operation, Accessory Dwelling Units, or simply ADUs, are units that construction companies add to the existing residential building. ADUs are also referred to as granny flats, secondary cities, cottages, or in-law units.

San Francisco first adopted its ADU program in 2014 for select districts. ADUs are highly preferred because they ensure that underutilized areas such as boiler rooms, storage space, yards, and parking areas are converted into new homes. Edri Construction specializes in the setting up of accessory dwelling units, plus it submits permits under Ordinance 162-16 for same day permits!

Home Remodel

Home Remodel

As a reputable general contractor, Edri Construction has worked on all kinds of remodeling projects. These include complete home remodeling in EVERY district in the San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area. The landscape of San Francisco is a bit different from that of most counties. It is diverse in the sense that it features both historic structures and modern-style construction. At Edri Construction, we have the equipment needed to carry out unrivaled structural upgrades in San Francisco. Our 21st-century technology makes it possible to remodel homes in the city while still preserving the historic charm that is common in the area. Before we remodel a building, we dig deep to check its age, style, and asses the overall condition. Giving your home what it NEEDS, not just aesthetics.

New Construction & Additions
We take lead when it comes to innovative design. Whatever you envision for your new living space, we can take that vision and make a tangible. A room that you can touch, a space for your office, a nursery for your baby or any other thing you can think of. We pride ourselves in interior design and communication so that we fully understand the vision you see.

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Work with true professionals that handle any project from top to bottom without any outsourcing. In a market that saturated with this, we are very proud of this feat. We are the only general contractor that can take your project on and do everything that is needed to get it complete on time and on budget, all with speed and efficiency.

Seismic Design & Retrofits

Seismic Design & Retrofits

There are major opportunities for your home within this period of mandatory retrofitting that San Francisco has. Lean on a team like Edri Construction to maximize and package something that will be an absolute win for you and your family! In 2013, MSSP (Mandatory Soft-Story Program) was created. The creation of this multi-year community-based effort was spearheaded by the Earthquake Safety Implementation Program before being enforced by the Department of Building Inspection. It was important that the resilience and safety of the housing stock in San Francisco be ensured. That is why MSSP was created.

General Contractors were to achieve this by seismic design & retrofitting older and wood-framed multi-family buildings using a soft-story condition. Today, the San Francisco authority encourages property owners of soft-story buildings to take the necessary action in making sure they comply with the requirements of the Mandatory Soft-Story Program. To do this, they are requested to file for a permit that ensures their properties are seismically safe and well protected from an earthquake.

At Edri Construction, we are committed residential structural engineers that specialize in seismic design. We use the latest technology to create structures that are quake-proof and highly recommended by the authorities in San Francisco. Needless to say, we are the go-to construction company for when you want to make your home safe during a major quake, home remodel or home addition.

Building Permit

Permit Expediting

Speed and deadlines are an important component to any construction project not only for our clients, but for us as professionals. We have professional and experienced expediters who will get your project off the ground faster than anyone one in the bay area. We have a heavy network of city officials as well as boots-on-the-ground at all times to make sure your construction deadlines are not only hit, but absolutely crushed.

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Lean on an expert to take advantage of this mandatory soft story and structural upgrading by making this work for you. Check out our past projects were we brought everything up to code by striping the home to upgrade the structural, leveling out your base story to reinforce the foundation adding 1200 square feet in the process AND fully remodeling the rest of the home exactly per customer wants.

If you’re a homeowner in San Francisco with a home built from 1880 to 1955+ this is going to be like the gold rush for you. Over the counter permits we can achieve in the same day, reinforced structure to bring your home up to code, 1200 new square feet added to your home, and a fully remodeled home, not to mention, a ballpark of $1.2 million added to your home equity. Call us right now for a 100% free quote and a visual 3-D mock up so you can see what we can do for you and how you can take a vantage of this whole thing.

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